Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gangsters from Chicago - Gift from Rio

Last week I received a gift from Markus A. Hediger from Rio for drawing the cover illustration of his newest book "Das Tam-Tam Grand Hotel".
Gangster - Die Bosse von Chicago
Today I finally opened it. I knew I wouldn´t be able to write about it and say thanks for it, so I waited until I had some spare time. I received "Gangster - Die Bosse von Chicago" by Robert Nippoldt, with outstanding drawings made by the talented court sketch artist. (While browsing his website I already saw the next book I need: Jazz im New York der Wilden Zwanziger It is a wonderful huge book which has been on my wish list for some years now. I love the size, the style, the illustrations, the colors, the story, everything about it. Here are some pics to give you an idea about the book.

The cover:
Gangster - Die Bosse von Chicago
The Godfather:
Gangster - Die Bosse von Chicago
The Gentleman:
Gangster - Die Bosse von Chicago
The Diplomat:
Gangster - Die Bosse von Chicago
Chicago Street:
Gangster - Die Bosse von Chicago

Lieber Markus, vielen, vielen Dank für das wunderbare Buch. Ich freue mich riesig darüber. Es trifft ganz meine Erwartungen. Link


Mim said...

What a great looking book - is it only in German? i love the drawings.

ksklein said...

The book is great. Can´t wait to read it. So far I have only browsed through it.
It is a German book and I think so far it hasn´t been translated