Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guess How Old I Am

Right before we left for the first movie of the film marathon, my sister surprised me with this:
Guess how old I am!

And here with the unwrapped gifts:
Guess how old I am!
Thanks sis. This made my day.


Mim said...

what a lovely way to celebrate, I love the candles on the table. and she certainly can draw also eh?

ksklein said...

yeah, i like the candles a lot. the whole room was shining in a warm light.
my sister is good in water color. a thing which i just don´t understand... using a bit of color with lots of water. :) at least i´ve got a little set now and hope to try it soon.

_paulina_ said...

oh shit, da habe ich wohl was verpennt, auf diesem wege alles erdenklich gute.

Dawn, Sean, and Ethan said...

Happy Birthday!!! I really like the candles on the table too... it looks so cool!

ksklein said...

@Pauli: Woher hättest Du es auch wissen sollen. :)

@Dawn: Thanks Dawn. My sister used nut bolts as candle holders. :)