Sunday, November 9, 2008

I need a break! (Asia Filmfest Nov 6 & 8)

Thursday evening, right before leaving for the Asia filmfest, I cut myself again. This time another finger. But I didn´t want to miss a movie and really didn´t want to spend the night at the emergency station of a hospital. So I bandaged it myself and went off to enjoy the movies. Friday morning I had an appointment anyway because of the first cut. But the next day my daughter had a pinkeye and my son lost a piece of his tooth.
So I spent the day at 4 different doctors and just came home 10 minutes before Shabbat started. I wouldn´t have made it, if I hadn´t called a taxi for the way back.
Saturday, my son got the pinkeye and my daughter is sick. Tomorrow I´ll be spending the whole day at the cinema and I guess that will be my break. :)

Nov. 6:
Nov. 8:
Click on the pictures for more information about the movies or on the website of the Asia Filmfest.

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