Friday, November 21, 2008

It is Snowing Here!

Even more than the rain I love the snow. Falling snow cheers me up. This animation by Vladimir Gvozdev has the same effect. :) I can almost feel the cool and brisk air.

copyright by Leto A.


red-handed said...

It's snowing here, too, and I just want to kill myself. BTW, you've been tagged (sorry).

a little bird said...

I forget what snow feels like! this photo reminds me of it's lovely crunchiness.

from afar. "lovely" from afar, that is.

Mim said...

I love snow when I can stay home and watch it fall, while I sit in front of a fire. I hate it when I'm in the city and have to drive. Your picture is lovely tho' and shows all the real beauty of snow.

ksklein said...

@red-handed: Argh! I hate being tagged, but I like it too, as I challenge myself to solve/answer it in a creative way. ;)

@a little bird: Yeah, the crunchiness is the best part while taking long walks. But for the snowballs we do need the wet snow. :)

@Mim: I love the snow outside as well and with my first boyfriend we used to go hours regularly up the mountains with our sledges just to drink a mulled wine and then sledge down the whole mountain 20-30 minutes. Sometimes when we weren´t too tired we used to tackle the way up twice. Boy... long time ago and I miss it.