Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today the Asia Filmfest started. This year I have luckily got a little more time than usual, so I talked Benjamin into giving me a festival pass for my Birthday, which lets me see all the movies from the filmfest.
So this is what we received: a package with the festival pass, the tickets for all of the shows and they let you choose a free dvd. Even though I will be only able to watch the half of the 60 movies, I was happy to hold such a treasure in my hands.
(Specially after having such a stressful day with hurrying around from one place to the other, cutting off one fingertip with a scalpel, standing in front of a closed (!!) hospital with my hand and two towels drenched in blood, finding another taxi to drive me to another hospital, having to organize a Halloween party for today, etc.)
I´m glad they showed only one movie on the opening day of the Filmfest. I´m dead tired now, and so I didn´t join the others who went to the party after the movie. I guess I missed some drinks and Tom Novy at the match club.

The film is Mr Wong's most abstract endeavor, a bold excursion into the realm of pure cinema." (New York Times)

A star-studded cast includes both Tony Leungs, Leslie Cheung and Maggie Cheung, and masterful camera work by Chris Doyle. In ancient China, a vagabond swordsman earns his living by hiring others
as assassins. His heart was long ago hardened by the betrayal of a woman, but his encounters make him reflect on his lost love. Cut together by director Wong Kar Wai from a variety of prints of the original, this is the definitive version of his rarely seen martial arts film. Digitally tweaked and tightened, ASHES OF TIME REDUX remains pure Wong - a visually bold film that centres on unrequited longing and emotional frustration, rather than the sword fights of wuxia cinema. (Melbourne International Film Festival)

Watch the trailer.

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Blog Queen said...

Cut your finger on a scalpel?? What have I told you about operating on things when in a heightenend state of ecstasy because of film tickets??! Whaddayamean, nothing?!!

Well, I hope you're patched up ok and they gave you some good meds. That's one inconvenient place to get injured. Get well soon!