Sunday, October 12, 2008

PostSecret - Guess which secret is mine?

Today (Sunday, 12. October 2008) another one of my secrets has been published at the PostSecret blog. I mailed my last secrets some months ago, so I was pretty surprised that it showed up today.
Can you guess which one it is? I checked all of the secrets shown today and about 10 of the 20 postcards could be mine. So I am on the safe side. ;) I´m posting some of them here and one of them is mine. Guess which one?

PS. Can´t wait to hear what you think - specially Benjamin. I´m sure he will guess the wrong one. :)


joann said...

Not to knock PostSecret(I'm still going to check each Sunday!) but there's a daily secrets place at

Guess which secret is MINE!

Mim said...

I think it's the thong one...

ksklein said...

@mim: i was sure, benjamin would choose that one too, but nope! ;)

@joann: thanks for the interesting link.