Friday, August 10, 2007


When I travel alone, I spend the whole day walking around. Usually I don´t do too many museums (except for last year in Madrid with tons of Picasso exhibitions). I prefer people watching. Walking and watching all day makes me tired, so I sleep a lot too. And I really do need some rest.

Dorian Cleavenger
(ATC done for the "Favorite Artist Swap" - Dorian Cleavenger)
So here are some of the places I would like to visit in Amsterdam:
  • Torture museum - I´m not really interested, but my friend said I would like it ;)
  • Max Beckmann exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum
  • Stedelijk museum
  • Street markets
  • Abraxas Too (famous coffee shop formerly known as Chocolata) - (Don´t worry I don´t like smoking, so I won´t be trying out all the stuff they have there.)
My obligatory to-do list:
Any ideas what else I should do when staying in Amsterdam? Suggestions are always welcomed!


arindamart said...

walking alone and watching people is my most favourite job. i love rain and dark cloud. do you ?
i am surprised to see your ATCs one by one. great.
got anybody for portraitparty ?

Mim said...

No so sure about that Torture Museum, sure would give me the willies. How about renting a bicycle and riding around the city?

Robyn said...

Beautiful ATC, Kerstin. I wish I had time to do a portrait swap with you - If you could make me look like that! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Now you've got me wanting mini moo cards too!

arindamart said...

logging in again to inform you that I have started another blog to post the works i want to use for commercial use( to be or not be is the question).
take care

AnnaDenise said...

Go to the 'nine streets' (negen straatjes) it's in the Jordaan, not far from Central station. You might find me in one of the many artistic stores or galleries. De Jordaan and De Pijp are two neighborhoods I'd reccommend. Not as touristy, but all the more beautiful!

Have fun! Perhaps we'll see each other without knowing it! (I live here)

ksklein said...

@Mim: I´ll just whether I feel like going to the Torture Museum. Don´t feel like doing that currently, but you never know...
Renting a bike? That could be fun. Though I haven´t done that since the "new" dress code of wearing skirts since for some years now. ;)

@Robyn: Time is not the problem. I can wait. And if you wish, I can make you like that. ;) I´ve had a few potrait exchanges where the goal wasn´t to be as realistic as possible, but to have a fun theme: eg. make a punk out of me. ;)
And the Minimoo cards are addicting... Where is my second set????

@arindamart: Good luck with your blog. Hopefully you´ll find a lot of new customers.
And yes, I´ll love the rain- almost as mus as I love the snow.

@AnnaDenise: I´ll check out the 'nine streets'. You should have sent me a picture of yourself. Then I could have said hallo, if I would recognize you in the streets. ;) Thanks for the recommendations.