Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Moo Minicards Have Finally Arrived

Two weeks ago I read an article about Moo minicards on the Photocritic blog (Thanks, Haje!). I immediately wanted to have a set too and ordered them a few days later.
They arrived yesterday and I´m so pleased with the results. I had almost 50 different motives so I received at least 2 of each. Almost all of them look great. I have been searching a long time for business card ideas and this is what I´m going to use. They are tiny compared to the standard business card, but I love them. It has as many motifs as I choose, the card is of a thick quality and the feel is great too. And it is easy to order them on the Moo website (In my case Moo took the photos directly from my Flickr stream).
I ordered another set right away - leaving out a few images which weren´t that good. Can´t wait to receive the next set. The only problem with these cards? I´m having a hard time giving one of them away. ;)

Here they are:

Moo cards - part 1

Moo cards - part 2a

And these are my favorites:

Moo cards - favorites 1

Moo cards - favorites 2

For larger view click Moo cards 1, Moo cards 2, Moo Favs 1, Moo Favs 2.

Haje from the Photocritic blog writes:

"And that’s where the greatness of Moo cards come in. The first time someone gets a Moo minicard in their hands, the response is, invariably, Ooh, wow, that’s superb! Then, they usually run off to get their own Moo cards printed. Then, something fun happens: The second time someone gets a Moo card, they smile conspiratorially, and nod. And that’s where the fraternity of Moo begins."

You can get Moo cards, Moo Notecards, Moo Stickers and more on the Moo website.


arindamart said...

so exciting. you must be very happy with all the moo cards. i understand these are cute and nice.

oh oops; i missed the chance to work for the magazine. congrats for

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one more thing, I must admit that
I have joined the world of illustration and now I keep on creating new drawings and I have made my own Blog . The complete inspiration and guidance I got from you, only from you.
Thanks and thanks for changing my life.
Keep loving your family, may God bless you with satisfaction from every spere of life.

Benjamin Stein said...

They are really great. Very personal and unique. I love them. Just the right type of cards for you.

Haje Jan said...

Glad you're excited, and thanks for the shout-out!

- Haje

ksklein said...

thanks for all your comments about the moo cards. i´m really very satisfied with them and can´t wait to receive the second set. :)

Alina Chau said...


mrana said...

I love your MOO cards! I've already ordered a set and can't wait to get them into my greedy little hands, hope they look as good as yours :)

Pille said...

I ordered some Moo minicards recently, too - they're really cute, aren't they:)