Saturday, August 4, 2007


Do I look a lot different with glasses? I don´t think so... maybe a bit smarter. ;)
The past year I have been having problems with my contact lenses and now I cannot wear them any more. My eyes have a corneal curvature which cannot be corrected properly with glasses.
So I really can´t see properly anymore. It´s not too bad during the day, but when I watch movies (my favorite hobby) I can´t see clearly and the text always appears twice. That makes it difficult to read something and to draw and sketch too.
I do hope that my ophthalmologist will find my corneau to be in the right condition for a surgery. I´ll know more about it in September when I have my appointment. I can´t imagine my sight being this bad forever.
I´m not a chicken-hearted person at all, but somehow the thought of eye surgery gives me the creeps. Any experience on your side with that? I could use some encouragement.


Mim Stella said...

First off, you look great in glasses but I understand so well. I had (have) terrible eyesight and about 8 years ago I had the lazer surgury done on one eye for seeing distance. The other eye I left for reading. Now the reading eye wants glasses so I will either get contact lenses that do both or have surgury on the other eye. For me it was the best thing - it was like a miracle waking up and seeing! From a child I had bad eyesight, and wore glasses since 10 years old.
Good luck, Mim

arindamart said...

I must say owaoo, you look great. trust me, your new look will earn some changes in your environment and surroundings.experience those too, if you can read those in others' behavings. but better forget all those and smartly leave the mirror and meditate upon your sketching.i observe fantastic change in your works also.
take care.

caseytoussaint said...

I think you look great in glasses. I've been chicken about surgery too, but anyone I know who's had it done has been thrilled with the results.

Benjamin Stein said...

"Do I look a lot different with glasses?"

Different? The sadness I see makes for sure a difference---

Mim Stella said...

When your husband can see your sadness, that is a good thing...he must be a keeper.