Friday, August 3, 2007

Miguel Martinez (ATC)

Miguel Martinez

ATC done for the favorite artist swap

Miguel Martinez was born and lives in Taos, New Mexico in 1951. He has been a successful jewelry designer and painter.
"Still in his early twenties, Miguel found a style which has become his signature. Moved by deep respect and admiration, he began a series of large faces of women, enlarging and stylizing the eyes, endowing them with mystery of illusive and provocative expressions, created them in an ambience of everyday life, giving them a voice which has inordinately proved to speak to the hearts of a universal following.

After almost twenty years this series continues, though Miguel says, "The women have changed as time passed, and I have changed as well. In my travels around the world, the women I have encountered have all found their way into my paintings. Each face I paint, to me, has a different identity. But I feel from the beginning they have all shared a common bond -- their values, their character -- things almost forgotten in our everyday day routines. These women are upright, strong yet gentle, proud of who they are. They have nothing to hide.""
by Marilyn Foust Jones, Taos N.M.


Benjamin Stein said...

wow! do ou really give it away for a swap? or do you accept offers?

ksklein said...

it is long gone. it was made for the swap where each participant chose their favorite artists and everybody else drew a card in that style for the participant. that´s where i received so many giger, picasso, lempicka cards.

so in case you want one, just let me know which artist you would prefer. thhough i really stopped doing atcs as they are too small scaled for me.

Mim Stella said...

I love ATC's. Love the litte restrictions, love the size. Love how everyone does something so different with the one common item