Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Pirate Is Back ... (The Portrait Party 5)

... with lots of treasures. ;)

I came back from Amsterdam yesterday late at night. It was a great and relaxing stay - well except for the last night (but that´s another story). Today morning I drove to my mom´s place to get the kids and there is a lot to be done here. And we´ll be having guests this and next week and I have quite some portraits to complete the next week. So I´ll let you know later about my experiences and the tons of souvenirs from Amsterdam.

Damien Weighill from London sent me this wonderful pirate portrait. I love the beard and the treasure and the eye flap and the hair and the blouse and ... I could go on ...
In case you want your portrait done by him just send him a pic of yours. He plans to do all requests. He´s a little camera-shy so he doesn´t exchange portraits, but he did start a competition where he wanted people to draw him how they imagined him to look like. I think he looks like a skater-kind of guy, but when I drew him he turned out way too well-behaved and ordinary-looking. I´m sure he doesn´t look like this.

Portrait of Damien Weighill

Is this Damien Weighill? BTW: He also likes to fulfill wishes.


caseytoussaint said...

Welcome back! Getting back from a vacation is always a bit of a shock. I never imagined you as a pirate, but it looks good on you. And your portrait of Damian is as good a guess as any. Nice work.

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

A pirate, eh? Hmmn. I didn't have plans like that for yours, but it's an interesting notion.
Welcome back.

Mim said...

Welcome home, we look forward to the pics and tales. You look great as a pirate!