Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Portrait Party 9 - Martin dibujandoarte

Martin from dibujandoarte read that I was trying to do as many portraits as possible during the month of August. And one day he just surprised me with this portrait:

Me by Martin

Of course I had to ask for his picture and return the favour:

Portrait of Martin Franco


martín.dibujandoarte said...

HI! It looks a bit like me, what makes me laugh is that curl on my forehead, but it's a great drawing. Whenever you want to try another one just let me know, I'm as close as an email, ok? This was a fun experience.

ksklein said...

Well, actually the portrait looked a lot different without the curl. And just because I let the pen slip in the last second and because I didn´t want to leave that accidental line, I made a curl of it.
After that you somehow took a little bit of Elvis upon yourself. *lol

And the next time I would like to have a few more pics to choose from. Only then I can imagine a little bit better what a person looks like. Okay? With one photo it is hard to give the right expression.