Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Portrait Party 6 - Roy Mosby

Roy Mosby is my next portrait partner for The Portrait Party. The portrait is a beautiful pencil drawing. Here´s the pic he drew:

Me by Roy Mosby

Roy sent me 2 pics of himself. They were so completely different from each other that I thought which ever I would take as a guideline, the portrait would never look like the real person. So I just made a pirate out of him.

Portrait of Roy Mosby

The funny thing is that the day after I drew his pirate portrait I received a portrait of myself as a pirate. Let´s start a Pirate Party!


Mim said...

Great portraits - both! Pirate party sounds great to me, I always wanted to be a pirates wench.

ksklein said...

So should the next portrait of you be the punk portrait or rather the pirate portrait?