Monday, July 16, 2007


Woo hoo! I finally booked a flight and hotel for a week in Amsterdam. I hadn´t realized that the city would be that expensive during the summer vacation (also due to my late booking). An extensive search with our travel agent lead to expensive hotels rather far from the city center.
So I cut back on my wishes and booked everything by myself on the internet.

Hotel Thorbecke

This will be my hotel for 8 days... tiny, perfectly situated in the centre of the red light district, close to everything and full of life.
The hotel has been rated as "pretttty dodgy", "rather depressing" and "dreadful". The club in the basement seems to be "EXTREMLY loud" till 5 am!
I´m only hoping that the shared shower and toilet are clean. But otherwise I´m pretty happy to have found an affordable accomodation right in the center of Amsterdam. See you there!

BTW: Zurich won the votes, but only by 26%. I was already looking for a place to stay there, but then decided that Zurich is a city where I am quite often anyway. So the Giger Museum still has to wait for a little while.


bjs said...

Well. I still hope you will get some sleep and rest over there since you don't sleep much at home and relly need the time off.

But maybe the mere fact that you don't have to care about the kids and the childish man may relaxing enough.

Enoy yourself. I'll miss you!

ksklein said...

Childish man? Whom are you talking about?

Don´t worry, I´ll get my rest. And in case I can´t sleep till 5 am because of the club´s loud music, I´ll spend the night in the club and sleep in the morning . :D

bjs said...

Sounds like a plan. You're just smart :-)