Thursday, July 5, 2007

Search Terms 3

No time currently to draw. :(

So here is another set of search words which led to my site.
  • urethra art
  • how to cook a wolf zurich
  • Clonazepam blow
  • hood clito
  • Face Book, Tar or Honey
  • how to remove a cast myself ( ; - I guess there are more people who can´t find a doc. )


juj said...

How to cook a wolf?!? Why on earth would you want to - even in Zurich? Strange indeed...

ksklein said...

Actually I visited an exhibition in Zurich a few months ago. It was called "How To Cook A Wolf". More than strange and not my taste. The title was much more interesting than the exhibition itself.

Auntie Mim said...

Why Clonazapam???

ksklein said...

Actually I don´t know. I keep getting this search word. I checked my blog and it isn´t even written in any comment.
The first time I read it in the list of search words I didn´t even know what I meant.