Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It´s beautiful in Calpe!

Just a short up date:

The weather is warm, the beach is wonderful and we are enjoying ourselves.
The first week was a bit stressy. Our daughter had a cast and it was pretty hard to keep her out of the water. ;)
But it was even harder to find a doctor or a hospital to remove the cast - now that she had been wearing it long enough. We spent a long, long time driving from doctor to doctor, from hospital to privat hospitals, from city to city! No chance - even though we have a private insurance for her and in addition to that we had a normal family holiday insurance. So after all of them refused to take the cast off, I removed it by myself. Don´t ask me how I did this. ;)
(I used poultry shears!)

Now we are all enjoying ourselves and we can even relax (ignoring the animation programm) with our kids jumping around us.
See you soon!


Jenny said...

Perhaps it would have been wise to pack a cordless Dremel with appropriate grinding wheels. Doesn't everyone? *lol*

Good work on removing the cast.

caseytoussaint said...

Well, good for you for taking matters into hand! I'm happy that you're having a great vacation; it sounds wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too - I appreciated your leaving such a nice a comment.