Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Illustration Contest: Links and Update

Martín Franco and Alyson B. Stanfield linked to the illustration contest. Thanks for your help!

graphic:DESIGN:basics has added a link too!

I´ll be on vacation from June 7 to June 19. I may have access to the net from time to time, but I´m not sure yet.
When we have returned, I´ll post an updated version about the contest. There have been quite some questions about the contest which I haven´t addressed yet in the blog and I guess there may be some more questions following now. So I´ll put all the information together in a new post about the contest in about 2 weeks.
Feel free to send all your questions to this address. I´ll answer them as soon as possible.

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ksklein said...

@all: Check out the new blog for more information about the contest.