Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Happy Birthday, Benjamin (IFN: I think we're alone now)

Jazzbar Vogler is a bar in Munich which I really enjoy. For some reason I never managed to go there with my husband. But yesterday to celebrate his birthday we finally went there together and I experienced some of the happiest moments of the past years.
The live music was wonderful, the drinks were great and I enjoyed being there with him, spending some time together... just the two of us. I do miss the time we had for each other before we had kids.


This is a quick drawing of a dream Benjamin had described to me a few days ago.

IFN: I think we're alone now (suggested by baggelboy)


bjs said...

I know this is a test. You want to find out whether I read your blog or not! That's why you didn't show me the picture. It's exactly what I was dreaming. - But I do your blog, I do! :-)

ksklein said...

Hey, this was supposed to be a B´Day present, not a test! And I couldn´t have shown you the drawing, as I drew it today afternoon, Mr. Stein!!