Friday, June 22, 2007

Illustration Contest: Kathleen York (First Entry!)

Kathleen York is the first participant to send in 2 images for the contest. I´m so glad that finally someone dared to join in. ;)

Kathleen York - Night Riders Kathleen York - Monday Morning Commuters

The designer said, she was thinking of submitting these two black and white subway drawings to show her style, and would do something more specifically geared toward the topic should she be chosen.
However these two images do fit the topic too. A subway train drives you from station to station and you discover or arrive at new places. That´s somehow like reading literature weblogs, you discover new places by jumping from one link to the next.
Kathleen agreed to the idea of visiting blogs being similar to stops on a train line, connected together. There is a line that runs through how you visit/access and find new blogs, a line of communication, a line of transport if you will, transport of ideas . . .
Check out her blog and her Flickr profile. Then you could also have a look at her Greeting cards and other drawings. Thanks Kathleen!

I´m looking forward to seeing the next contributions. Tomorrow evening, I´ll be posting a message from one of the publishers of the magazine.

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ksklein said...

@all: Check out the new blog for more information about the contest.