Saturday, June 30, 2007

IFN: Holes and other superficialities (Lovedoll)

This weeks them of Illustration Friday Night was suggested by BiteYourOwnTail. Check out her entry to this theme. It is great!

IFN: Lovedoll 2

To see a more explicit version of my love doll click here.
I can´t believe that this pic has been censored? Any explanations or ideas why? Because of the word "hole" or "lovedoll"? *lol


Lauren Kate said...

Oooo - how risque!
Love it.

biteyourowntail said...

Actually (if you don't mind my saying so) I think this is a far more effective drawing - the subtlety makes me want to look at it and think about it. I also think it's sophisticated and beautifully done.

ksklein said...

Thanks for your comments. You think it is sophisticated and subtle? I wonder why it has then be censored by flickr? *lol

biteyourowntail said...

I think it'll be the tag - lovedoll is probably listed as an *x* word. I doubt it's anything to do with the image - if it is the image then we live in a very strange and worrying world.