Friday, June 29, 2007

The Portrait Party 4 - Miriam Stella

Miriam Stella is one of the two portraits I drew during our vacation in Calpe. She writes that she´s a scientist, a reader, a gardener, a wife, BF, daughter, sister, aunt. Check out her blogs here.

My portrait of her:

Portrait of  Miriam Stella
The original pic showed her sitting in a diner. How I would have loved to exchange places with her. American diners are just places I always enjoy being at.

And this is the portrait she drew:

Me by Miriam Stella
The portrait is very nice. I specially like how she did the background.

And the link to the original pic.

Thanks, Miriam!


littlemithi said...

Oh they're BOTH lovely ... I've tried to do Rama's portrait party - but haven't been very successful at finding partners!

By the way, yes, you CAN put 4 slices of toast in my toaster - the slits are really long ...

ksklein said...

hi mithi, in 1.5 months i´ve had 6 or 7 partners. and it´s a lot of fun. in case you are still searching: go ahead and send a pic.
in the case of your toaster: your´s is defintely the winner as it takes 4 slices too! :)