Friday, July 13, 2007

Art course - Acrylics

Last weekend I attended my first art course. Unfortunately I could join the other participants only on the second day (Sunday).
The course had the intention to show us different techniques of using arylics. I have never drawn or painted with "wet" colors, so this was new to me. Boy, I really do have a lot to learn yet. The day went by fast and we all had a lot of fun.

In one of the excercises we had to choose a basic form and draw it on 3 pieces of paper. Then we had to use the primary colors (red, green, yellow) to paint the paper using differnet techniques.

Acrylics - Art Course

Techniques from left to right:

with a sponge :
Acrylics - Art Course 1

with a spatula:
Acrylics - Art Course 2
This one was the most annoying to do, but the one I like the most.

with a roller:
Acrylics - Art Course 3

It was strange to spend a day without drawing a new picture, just doing excercises. But I enjoyed it a lot.


caseytoussaint said...

Interesting exercises - they all look like paintings that could stand alone. Were you able to choose your own colors?

Mim Stella said...

Oh, I like these. I love series with different techniques

mARTa said...

it looks like you had fun playing!!! What lovely colors in all of these!

ksklein said...

@caseytoussaint: for this exercise we had to use the primary colors only (red, yellow and green) in the the other exercises we also had restrictions. for example: black and white with one color of our choice. the teacher said we shouldn´t be distracted by the colors and we should see that we can do a lot with these restrictions.

@Mim Stella: i first didn´t like them at all, because i felt very restricted. but a day later when i looked at them at home i felt they weren´t too bad. :)

@mARTa: oh, i did have a lot of fun. all members of the course decided that we would come back and join the next course in fall.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

that looks like a lot of fun. i just did my first acrylic the other day. very addictive medium!