Monday, July 9, 2007

I Have Been Tagged! (2)

I have been tagged by biteyourowntail.


8 (food) facts/habits about myself:
  1. Last year I read the sentence: "eat mangoes naked and lick the juice off your arms." I haven´t been able to forget the sentence and find it very stimulating .
  2. Ice cubes are a great invention. They make me hot and cold at the same time! ;)
  3. My favorite hiding place during my childhood (in India) was a tree in the backyard. Whenever I wanted to be on my own (sometimes to eat a whole piece of "stolen" chocolate from my mom or a mango or to read my books) I climbed up the high tree and had some peaceful hours to myself - specially as no one knew about it. When I was 19 years old I returned to India on a trip and saw the tree. It was huge and I didn´t know how to get up there. I must have been fearless as a child.
  4. I love fruits (pomegranates, cherries, mangoes, strawberries, ...).
  5. I just have/had to try crazy and unhealthy food stuff: green ketchup, strange looking and strange tasting asian sweets and desserts (I could die for japanese sweets).
  6. My favorite courses of a meal are starters and desserts. I don´t mind omitting the main dish.
  7. My favorite tastes: spicy or sour. I love any kind of spicy food so I favor Asian food, Mexican, ...
  8. I´ve tried everything from worm to sharks to turtles to snails to lamb balls to ... (a long time ago). I´m open to almost anything... but I don´t ever want to try something living
  9. To sum all 8 facts up: I LOVE EATING! :)

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I´m tagging:

This time I´m not tagging anybody. But in case anybody wants to be tagged by me, please let me know. I´ll draw a pic for every person (not more than 8) who sends me a link to his 8 fantastic facts.


biteyourowntail said...

Well that made me laugh. I love eating too. Childhood in India must have been amazing - although at the time for you it would have been normal I guess.

ksklein said...

Childhood in India was pretty normal for us. But we lived in a city (about 120 000 citizens) without any other white foreigners.
I remember when I started school the children were running after me and pulling my pony tail and saying "Gold, gold!" ;) . They had just never seen any blonde people before. That was annoying, but changed after a few weeks when they got used to it. But whenever we visited any new places and tiny villages the same happened.
Aprt from that we were treated very well and welcomed everywhere. No matter how poor the people were, they always offered us their hospitality (often they shared their last food) as it was an honour for them. You can imagine how shocked I was when we returned to Germany where a lot of people - specially in the villages aren´t very welcoming to foreigners.

Robyn said...

A very entertaining post, Kerstin. I would be fascinating to hear more of your childhood in India.

ksklein said...

i´m sure i´ll do that, if i know what i should write about. :)

Ces said...

Very exotic childhood and the mangoes from India are the sweetest, they say but ours were just as sweet. "Eat mangoes naked" is hard for me. Better do it inside the house, if it is outside you will attract flies, but of course a grown woman eating outside in the nude will attract more than flies. You are very interesting. Love your tree!

arindamart said...

why don't you plan something like "a few pages" on MY CHILDHOOD DAYS.i think it is interesting and people will surely love it. a matured kerstin i think is not far from the 'in india days'.do plan. and gift us with your memories and experiences.please.