Sunday, February 4, 2007

EDM #101 - Bar of Soap (Every Day Matters)

To force ;) myself to get more routine in sketching I went out and bought 7 Moleskines and joined the EDM-group, which grew out of Danny Gregory's weblog. There is a weekly drawing challenge and members share their drawings in the flickr group.
I started with EMD #101. So I had to draw a bar of soap. I´m surprised (and satisfied) how it turned out, as I hadn´t expected to draw a recognizable bar of soap. :)

EMD #101 - A Bar of Soap

I´m not sure whether I should color the sketch. Any ideas?

EMD #101 - A Bar of Soap


Teri C said...

This is a great job you did on these.

Welcome to EDM and the world of Blogging! Warning, it will take over your life:) And you will love every minute of it.

nik said...

Hallo Kerstin, herzlich willkommen bei EDM. Gewürzseife? :) Die Seife war aber auch echt mal schwierig zu malen. Trotzdem wirklich gut gelungen.

Deborah said...

Kerstin, This is very nice. I like that you included the box as well. I have not done any of the EDM challenges yet. I am going to get a new sketch book just for EDM. I will number the pages and eventually get them all done. Though not in any particular order.

Nina Johansson said...

Hi Kerstin, welcome to EDM! Great start on your blog, I loved the drawing! About the coloring... I don´t know. I like ink drawings, so I would probably leave it as is. Why not make a photocopy and color that and see how you feel?

ksklein said...

Wow. It´s my first blog entry and I´ve already received 4 wonderful comments. :) Thanks!

@teri: I´m already addicted to the web and now it´s getting even worse. ;) But I´m trying to use my spare time now more on drawing.

@nik: Hallo nik, ich wusste leider nicht wie die Seife in der Verpackung aussieht. Ich hatte sie ja nur wegen der Verpackung gekauft. Allerdings hätte man bei einer einfachen Seife meine Schattierungsschwierigkeiten gesehen. ;)

@deborah: I got this special bar of soap only because of the nice packaging. It´s a good idea to get a sketch book just for EDM. That´s what I did. I bought 7(!!!!) moleskines just for sketching and each will be for a different theme. That really helps getting started. I´ve started with EDM #101, will try to catch up and if I have spare time I´ll do the past ones too.

@Nina: I guess, I´m going to keep it without color. I usually tend to overcolor it. It´s a great idea to make a copy and try the colors on it. I guess I´ll do that.

Casey said...

Wonderful job on the bar of soap - I'm really looking forward to seeing more!

ksklein said...

Thanks casey, I´m trying my best to catch up soon.

why said...

great sketch :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my blog! Love this first EDM chalenge. Its really nicely drawn.

"Maggie" said...

What a great sketch and a wonderful positioning of the objects. Keep journaling!

Thanks so much for stopping by and your warm comments...I'll keep checking back...July is just around the corner you know! :)

Natura said...

Oh, like this drawing very much!

Thanks for stopping by :)