Sunday, February 4, 2007

Favorite Artists #1 - holly

Another method of trying to improve my skills, is copying the work of artists I really like. I draw/copy 3 to 5 pics of the artist I like and then I try to do my own.

The first artist I chose is holly (quinquereme) on deviantart. Her ladies are just cool and I love all the details she adds to her illustrations. Check out her page and don´t forget to have a look at her bling-bling fingers. ;)

So here are the copies I made:

Favorite Artists #1 - Holly

Favorite Artists #1 - Holly

And here is my own interpretation:
(Can anybody find the secret message?)
Favorite Artists #1


Renate said...

Also bei der geheimen Message ist mir ja schon jemand zuvorgekommen ...
Gefällt mir sehr gut. Du musst dich damit keineswegs vor deinen Vorbildern verstecken.

ksklein said...

Danke Renate! :) Aber ich muss noch üben, üben, üben. ;) Und ich habe so wenig Zeit dafür.

ksklein said...

holly (the original artist) sent me a message yesterday telling me that all the copies were great. :)