Sunday, February 18, 2007

EDM #46 - Something Holiday Themed

This postal stamp was designed by Chen Shaohua specially for the Chinese New Year 2007 - The year of the red fire pig.

Legend has it that in ancient times, Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. Twelve came, and Buddha named a year after each one. He announced that the people born in each animal's year would have some of that animal's personality. Those born in pig years tend to have excellent manners, make and keep friends, work very hard, and appreciate luxury. They are very loving and make loyal partners. Humphrey Bogart, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Mahalia Jackson, David Letterman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger were all born in the year of the pig.

EDM #46 - Something Holiday Themed

To those who can read Chinese: The pic I found on the net was so tiny, that I couldn´t see any details of the Chinese signs. So these are not really Chinese signs, but the ones I mostly made up myself.


aPugsLife said...

OMG that is SO cute!! :)

ksklein said...

thanks. actually i don´t seldom like cute stuff. i´m much more into dark art. but i didn´t find anything else what i could draw quickly in a few minutes. ;)