Saturday, February 17, 2007

EDM #104 - Salt & Pepper Shakers

Usually when we go on vacation, we stay at places where we can cook ourselves. It´s always nice to go food-shopping in a different country - sometimes even adventurous.
One thing we always get is a set of salt & pepper shakers. I take them back home with us and once they are empty it´s time for the next trip. The salt is already empty, so the next vacation shouldn´t be too far away. :)

EDM #104 - Salt & Pepper Shakers

I made a mistake in the moleskine entry. We didn´t get this set in Calpe. It is from Novo Sancti Petri, Spain.

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MrsSnowy said...

Charming tradition, your salt and pepper shakers. And you have a lovely style of writing. I never travel without one of those little black pepper grinders!