Friday, February 23, 2007

Japanese Ladies (ATC)

Just like the kois from the last post, a lot of the Japanese culture seems amazing. Specially Japanese art is really fascinating. As soon as I find more time, I´ll post about dragons, tattoos, etc.

Japanese ladies

Here are some Japanese ladies on atcs. Done only with black and metallic markers.


aPugsLife said...

Very nice! I hadn't heard of artist trading cards before. That's why I love blog surfing, you can learn so much and find such neat stuff and sites. :)

ksklein said...

That´s actually a problem I have with all the blogs. I keep finding new and interesting stuff and time just flies by when you start reading and surfing blogs.
Anyway the atcs were great for me to get started with art again: small format, so they do not need too much time and they can be removed quickly if your little kids rush into the room. ;)