Thursday, February 8, 2007

Concert without Saxophone (ATC)

Every two weeks we have a babysitter and my husband and I go out for the evening. This Wednesday we went to a concert: Concert (1958, for piano and orchestra) composed by John Cage.
Cage wrote "My favorite music is the music I haven't yet heard. I don't hear the music I write: I write in order to hear the music I haven't yet heard."
It was more of a happening than a concert and we did enjoy the evening.

(There was no sax played at the concert, but anyway I like this pic. This one was done using only Sharpies.)

(I had to leave the concert earlier, so maybe I missed the sax. My husband said he did hear one.)

The fourth


Renate said...

Gefällt mir sehr gut, die Umsetzung passt hervorragend zum Thema.

bjs said...

There certainly was a saxophone. At least I heard one...

*CLARE* said...

thanks for your comments on my blog. how did you find me? i only just started it ... i'm a first time blogger! love your stuff too - must start doing EDM!

Josy said...

"Using only Sharpies?" I know you're a professional and all, but I'm still wildly impressed!

ksklein said...

Me a pro? Wow. That´s a dream of mine! I´d love to earn my living from doing artwork, but I´m faaaaar from that. But Thanks anyway!