Sunday, September 16, 2007


Did I ever tell you that my favorite color is red?
While I am writting this I´m wearing a skirt in exactly the red shown in the pic and my pullover doesn´t look different either. I should actually take a pic of myself lying on the red sofa. I guess you wouldn´t see me.
Well maybe you would see my huuuuge belly. After each and every holiday I feel like 10 kilos heavier and I can´t see any food any more. At least I´ve got 9 days to recover from all the feasting. Then the next holiday starts with another 10 days in a row of eating.... errr ... celebrating.


Mim said...

These kids are so beautiful!

mARTa said...

I think we have the same couch! and I have red slipcovers for it also...and RED is my favorite color too!!!!! Your kids are beautiful!!!!

ksklein said...

Thanks Mim and mARTa. Marta, I knew that you had a good taste. ;) Ikea?

arindamart said...

thanks kerstin for showing your treasures at last. they are so beautiful. i wish both of them a long colourful and symphonic life
from the bottom of my heart. i love children very much.your daughter is a small Kerstin.i wish i were talking to to you all.

ksklein said...

she definitely is a little me. ;) but that´s more the looks. i can´t remember being as strong headed as she is.