Monday, September 3, 2007

Before Amsterdam

The trip to Amsterdam was great. I just need to find the time to complete and scan my sketch book and then I´ll post about my stay there.

Mim told me that she was hoping (1) I could relax and have fun and (2) stay out of trouble and (3) bring back some great images.
Her wish was my command. Everything fullfilled... well, at least I have some great pictures I took with my camera.

Before Amsterdam:

Before The tattoo


red-handed said...

I dug your pics on flickr ... I hope you had a great time. I just came back from my own two-week trip, pics at ... bye!

ps -- why does flickr always censor your stuff? you're hardly bad anymore ...

ksklein said...

once bad - always bad! :)

well, i don´t know why my pics get censored. maybe because there were two pics among the 500 which showed a drawing of breasts?