Wednesday, September 5, 2007

After Amsterdam

The wound has healed. Now that the scabs have all fallen off I can see some parts of the tattoo where corrections have to be done. But I´m happy with it. You can´t imagine how happy I was when I came out of the Tattoo Studio. I could have hugged the whole world.

Bat Tattoo - Amsterdam

Bat Tattoo - Amsterdam

I had the tattoo done by Tim at the House of Tattoos in Amsterdam.

House of Tattoos - Amsterdam

The third tattoo is going to be... Shhh! I´m not telling you that. And I guess there won´t be any pics for that one. ;)


Mim said...

OH MY GOODNESS! First of all, you are so brave - I would be scared to death! Secondly, where is the second tattoo - I must have missed that one! Boy, and I thought I meant to go and see the tulips and go to museums and do good girl stuff. You amaze me girl! Great stuff. Maybe I'll do one some day...

ksklein said...

*lol... Well I did the good girl stuff :). I went to several museums, I bought a huge bag of tulip bulbs for my mom and sis, toys for my kids... but Amsterdam is just my kind of city and it would have been a pity not to do all the bad girl stuff too. ;) ... well not ALL the bad girl stuff.
The other tattoo is on my hip and is small too. I´ve been wanting a full back piece for 10 years. But for that one I need to find a great tattoo artist and a great motif. Such a big tattoo can´t be hidden and so I really want that one to be perfect. So for now I satisfied with the little bat tattoo. :)

Anonymous said...
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