Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy New Year!

I went from waist long hair to shoulder length hair a few days ago and changed the color from blond to copper. And today I finally bought myself a Bonsai (the first of my collection ;) ) which I´ve been wanting to have since more than 15 years now. Two of the first changes for the new year. Seems to be a good start for a better year.
I wish all of you a wonderful Rosh Hashana - specially to Mim (who I´ve been neglecting a bit the past weeks)!

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Mim said...

Mim does not feel neglected! Happy and Healthy

Mim said...

Oops - never finished my statement! Meant to say "Happy and Healthy New year to you". !

ksklein said...

I´m glad about that. I´ve just been piling your messages in myinbox. And I think about answering them too, but don´t really find the time. :)