Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Amsterdam - Day 2 (Part 2)


3-D letters at the Museumplein behind the Rijksmuseum:

House along the Grachts:

I found a little bottle of ink and I was inspired by Stefan G. Bucher´s Daily Monster to this (I made two more in the journal):


Africantapestry said...

You have wonderful sketches of amsterdam Kersten!
some colorful, I love the black and white, some fun, very informative...alll of them great posts. It seems you really enjoyed it and it can't be any different, Amsterdam is such an exciting city!

caseytoussaint said...

Kerstin, I just love your travel sketches! You manage to keep them sofresh and exciting.

Mim said...

Hey there - I love these drawings -your stuff from Amsterdam is great. I especially like the drawing of your room - so litte and compact and cozy. So...what' with the butter???

arindamart said...

your pen works are really nice and fantastic.i love them.keep sketching dear.

Alexiev said...

That pretty images. they make me decide to when I was in Holland master amsterdam. and your work stops of postal.

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

ksklein said...

Thanks everybody! I should really get the journal scanned, so I can post more pics.

Shoooooot! The butter! I just can´t find the time to make the new butter pics.