Friday, September 19, 2008

Schultüte (School Cone) - Part 2

The past nights have been sleepless again, making the Schultüte (School Cone), baking and cooking for a friend´s wedding, completing molys, etc. but I´m glad my daughter appreciated the hours of work I put into her school cone.
"Mom, its´the most beautiful cone of the world." :)

The contents:


Camilla said...

She is so lucky to have such a great Mum

petescully said...

that really is so cool. i forgot about the schultute thing, i love that german tradition, wish they had it here.

ksklein said...

:) yeah, i think it is a lovely tradition. and the kids are excited for weeks, until they get the school cone.
pete, did you stay in germany for a longer time?

camilla, thanks! :)

Blog Queen said...

Oh, it turned out great! And I LOVE the little Tuete on the big Tuete... :)