Friday, September 19, 2008

First Day at School

Yesterday (Thursday) was our daughter´s first day at school. Benjamin and I went with her to school for 3 hours and then we enjoyed a wonderful lunch and a visit to the Kinder- und Jugendmuseum München (childrens´museum).

Wonderful small classes with 16 kids:

Benjamin and Aaliyah in front of the synagogue (which is right next to the school in the center of Munich):

Cooking at the museum:

She (and we too!) really enjoyed her first day at school. I wish her the best and that she can still keep her purple-colored glasses on for a while.


arindamart said...

great to watch the grand event.
i wish her the best in life.

Camilla said...

I wish my first day at school was that much fun- she is a very lucky girl!

Mim said...

This is so wonderful! Congrads on having such a beautiful happy daughter.

ksklein said...

Thanks everybody. I hope that she stays this happy!

Camilla, I can remember that my mom made me a cone covered with a blue cloth with tiny white hearts. other than that I can´t remember, so I guess shouln´t have been bad. What about your first day?

Blog Queen said...

Wow, and such a lovely day for a first day of school, too.

littlemithi said...

Wow, your daughter looks so much like you! And I love her cone :)

By the way, there's some stuff in the post for you!

F. Kapinski said...

oh yes, that looks really nice. good luck. and pics like that remember why having kids is one of the biggest things in life.