Thursday, September 18, 2008

My addition to Emma´s Moly_x_6

My addition to Emma´s Moly_x_6
I´m done with Emma´s Moly and will send it off on Friday to her. (Tomorrow is my daughter´s first day of school and I won´t find the time to go to the post office.)
I have always loved Babushkas but never really saw them in Emma´s pictures. I always considered them to be "cute little monsters". But when David mentioned it in his post, I wondered why I hadn´t seen the obvious. Anyway, I´m not quite satisfied with my addition to this wonderful moly. I´ll try better next round.
Another 3 of the 5
moleskines to do for the Moly Exchange groups, and I´ll be back on track.
My addition to Emma´s Moly_x_6
Wohoo! I just realized this is the first one which has completed its round once. That is great. It will be off to the owner and then will start another round.

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