Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another Journal released into the Wild

After sending off a journal for the 1001 journals project, I unexpectedly sent off another one today. Paulina is leaving Munich tomorrow to visit Paris, Bordeaux, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Zurich und Salzburg. As she liked the idea of sending out journals into the world, I started a new one today and met with her at the Marienplatz to pass on the journal. I´m curious to hear whom and where she´ll pass the little book on to. It´s theme is "My Secrets". I revealed two of them in the pages, but I won´t post them here. ;)

The journal:

The first page with the rules:

The journal is leaving with the blonde lady in red:


suzanne said...

Ooooh...this looks like fun. You've even made the rules beautiful!

ksklein said...

i had post something, as i didn't want to show the pages with my secrets. :)

_paulina_ said...

oh, thats me? it's funny...;o)