Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jerusalem Sketches - Juice Vendor

The juice vendor, selling Pomegranate juice, brought back good memories.

Juice vendor

I still haven´t completed all the sketches from our Jerusalem trip in May 2008.


Slipstream said...
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Slipstream said...

Looove the bright red in this.

The green makes it stand out even more.

He looks happy to be doing what he is doing.

Mim said...

You've got alot of sketches to go thru - these are wonderful. Makes me want to work on my sketching - reality has not been my strength!

ksklein said...

@slipstream: i would be a lot happier too, if i could have a glass of the juice daily. :) the last time i drank this fresh juice was about 20 years ago.

@mim: you are right. tons of sketches i still have to do. complete the sketches of jerusalem and fuerteventura, some other stuff and i really want to find time for the 100 things list again.