Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Workspace (Working on Moly_x_24)

My workspace is always in a mess. It is on the dining room, so at least it gets cleaned from time to time, to give the family space to eat together.
Usually I draw late at night (between 1 and 3 am) but if I find the time to draw during the day, my kids usually sit next to me and all 3 of us can draw on for hours. I´m glad they are able to calm down once in a while. :)
My workspace

Currently I am working on Pedro´s moly from the Moly_x_24. His moly has the theme "fairy tales". He started with "Little Red Riding Hood". Have a look at the little girl. The drawing is fantastic. Szaza added "Persephone". I wanted to find a German fairy tale where I could continue the wonderful trees which Pedro started and Szaza took up. So I am working on a "Hansel and Gretel" scene now.
Pedro´s moly (moly x 24)

Here´s a close up of Szaza´s drawing. It is beautiful. The red seems to seep out of the pages like blood.
Szaza´s drawing in Pedro´s moly (moly x 24)

I am having so much fun with Szaza´s and Pedro´s artwork. Both of them are lovely (themselves and their artwork) and I always love continuing the pages after them. They inspire me and they challenge me to try my best.


Lara said...

Wow--you're right it's amazing how the blood seems to be inching its way off the page and onto your table.
It's also amazing how you include your kids in your art time and still get into your creative place (something I struggle with).
Can't wait to see the finished contribution :)

Mim said...

These are amazing, love the way the red runs off the page, - wonderful detail.
Hope the kids appreciate the artwork time.

ksklein said...

actually the kids are not the problem as they can sit just like me for hours drawing their own stuff. just once in a while they want me to draw some outlines for them or compliment their pictures. :)

the real problem is that i rarely find the time to sit down with them and draw. i do regret that a lot, because all 3 of us do enjoy it a lot.

eva said...

wow that's amazingly pretty!