Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back in Munich

I´m back from our vacation since a few days and I hope to get some art done soon and post it here. Haven´t done that in a while. I didn´t have much time to do a lot of art during the vacation, but I will show a few pages here in the next days. I need to get some other stuff sorted out here first.

Here are some pics from our stay:
Costa Calma palm tree

Costa Calma flowers

When we were here in May/June our first trip was to the pharmacy, because my daughter had caused herself a deep flesh wound in her back (which happened while playing at the airport). This time we were also regular guests at the pharmacy, due to several things.

The worst happened a few days before departure. David slipped and hit his head on the floor of the pool. He was bleeding like hell.
Sotavento Beach Club Accident

Some time later the kids were in the pool again, as if nothing had happened.
Sotavento Beach Club Pool

Sotavento Beach Club Pool

Fuerteventura is indeed a dangerous place. Did I mention the snake attack?
Snake Attack at Porto del Rosario

Or the sharks?
Sotavento Beach Club Pool

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Mim said...

What gorgeous pictures! Kids are so resiliant.