Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Hat and A Jar of Marmelade

Last December there was a Pay It Forward- Game going on. You were asked to send something hand made to the first 5-7 people who left a comment on your blog. A few days ago I received two parcels... one from Switchsky and one from Ann.
Here´s what I got: a jar of Rhubarb Orange marmelade from Ann from redacted recipes. It sounds delicious and I can´t wait to try it. Check out the recipe. Thanks Ann!
Rhabarb Orange Marmelade

And Switchsky from Same Old World knit a hat for me:
My new hat

My new hat

My new hat

You know what? I actually hate hats. Not even during the hardest winter do I wear a head covering. So the first second I thought to myself "Oh no, all the work she put into it and I won´t wear it". But then I tried it on and SURPRISE: I like it! No.... I love it. The hat feels good, it is warm and comfy, it is soft and I like the way it looks. Fern, thank you so much for this wonderful gift. I can really use it for the next winter and I´m really surprised that I do like something I always though I´d disliked. *Hugs


Hopper said...

well it is a fuckin cool hat!!! how can I get me one of those... just ask fern or what???

Fern said...

glad you like it Kerstin. It does look good on you. Actually I think it looks great!

And Ann...thinking about sharing that recipe? My rhubarb patch is having a second wind!

Ann said...

Glad it got there, Kerstin, and I hope you like it.

Fern, the recipe is at the link Kerstin posted.

Mim said...

Great hat, didn't know you knitted. my rhubarb is having a second go also, maybe jam is something new to try.

ksklein said...

@hopper: you can at least try it. but actually there was a pay it forward game going on. if you follow all the links to the end you should be able to receive something from someone too. not sure whether it will be such a cool hat though. ;)

@fern: i really, really like your hat. specially because it made me change my mind about hats. i have been hating hats. as a child i didn´t like any head coverings and as a grown up (after wearing coverings 3 years 24/7, jewish orthodox ;) ) i started hating it and stopped it. so this is finally the first covering i feel comfortable with. thanks fern.

@ann and @mim: my mom always makes strawberry-rhubarb marmelade. that one is delicious and the whole family loves it. but orange sounds like a great addition to rhubarb as well. can´t wait to try it.

Forever Young said...

the hat is coooool,fern, you can start your own business! i am not a rhubarb fan at all, my mom's was always too sour!
i am up for this 'pay it forward' game, send me the details someone.

ksklein said...

I sent you the details! :)