Thursday, July 3, 2008

20 years later...

Today Benjamin did not go diving. So I left the kids with him and took a bus to Playa de Jandia and spent the day there. Besides beautiful beaches they have a light house, a long shopping mile and a whale skeleton.

I walked around for hours in the sun and then I went into one of the shopping centers to find some shadow. And right inside in the middle of the building  I found a Gulmohar tree. After 20 years I finally saw and smellt one of my favorite trees again. And secretly I plucked one of the tree´s red flowers.

BTW: I have been contacted by a British publisher, whether they could use my Gulmohar drawing for one of their book covers. I could get used to illustrating book covers. :)


Mim said...

how wonderful that they contacted you about the drawing - that would be so wonderful. Did you submit it to them for review or did they contact you out of the blue?

ksklein said...

Actually I think they searchedthe web for "Gulmohar tree" images and found mine. Then they cntacted me. I would have never submitted it, as I don´t really think it is good. :)