Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Katharina Ludwig´s Ice Jewelry

Water and ice on skin is arousing. I guess that is the main reason why I like the erotic jewelry by Katharina Ludwig.

Ice Jewelry:

Pigment Shirts (via The Presurfer)


Ann said...

So sexy and beautiful...

I put a package in the mail to you, btw... your long overdue handmade gift.

Mim said...


ksklein said...

ann, can´t wait to receive the package. i´m soooo curious.

mim, yes... WOW indeed.

eric Hews said...

Very cool! ;) Thanks for posting these. I'd never seen her work, before now.

[Found you via flickr, btw.]


ksklein said...

Thanks for your comment, otherwise I wouldn´t have found your site with the great work too. I´m off to cruise through it. :)

The jewelry is fantastic, just a pity, that it doesn´t even last an evening.