Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mobile blogging from my new iPhone3G

Benjamin surprised me with an iPhone. I'm not into the newest technical stuff, but I can tell you that this is a wonderful present.
mARTa regularly posts pictures at her blog with the remark: "Sent from me and my cool iPhone". I really love this sentence and had to copy it. So here you go...



Blog Queen said...

You're ahead of the power curve! :) Yay, more pictures!!

ksklein said...

I´m taking pictures and I´ll post them here. Actually I should spend more time with my art than with my iPhone. I just noticed that most of my posts aren´t about my own art anymore.

soulbrush said...

ooh la la posh...i miss the wolrd we had without mobiles and computers, like writing ordinary letters....now called snail mail!

ksklein said...

I love the modern world and specially the internet. It makes life a lot easier and more comfortable.

I´m sure you won´t believe that I used to be mobile phone, computer, etc. hater. I always refused to buy a mobile phone because I didn´t want to be available all the time. But then I received it as a gift, from someone ;) who was constantly late or missed me and then couldn´t call me to tell me that I shouldn´t wait.But I´m very good at ingnoring the phone/mobile when I do not want to be available. That drives Benjamin mad. :)
Usually when we have dinner or are watching a movie, I don´t care for the phone ringing, but Benjamin gets up at once to pick up the phone.

Oh... and writing ordinary letters: yes, I still do that. I love to choose some nice paper, draw some pictures or decoration on it and send it off. I don´t do that often, but I still have some friends who exchange letters with me. Receiving a letter in the mailbox is still exciting for me, though I should be used to it by now.