Monday, August 11, 2008

Hansel and Gretel (Moly_x_24)

After three nights of drawing I think I´m (almost) finished with the moleskine for Pedro (moly_x_24). His moly has the theme "fairy tale". I chose Grimm´s Hansel & Gretel because I wanted to draw a German fairy tale and continue the trees and woods drawn by Pedro and Szaza. (The trees on the left side were drawn by Szaza. I tried to use the same shapes for the trees on the right side to frame my scene.)

My contribution in Pedro´s Moly_x_24

I need a tip. I left the clothes of the witch and of Hansel and Gretel only with outlines, so that there would be different shades of white, gray and black. Does it look unfinished? I´m not so sure of it. Maybe at least Gretel´s clothes should be filled out a bit?

Pedro´s Moly_x_24

Read the story Hansel and Gretel!
Other Grimms´ fairy tales.
The annotated Hansel and Grethel

More information about the Moly_X International Moleskine Exchange can be found here.


Mim said...

Personally I like the B and W. I think the existing red is effective and enough.

What I sometimes do is to copy the picture and try color on it before ruining the original. I look at it for a few days to see if I like it. Handy to be able to do that..

Lara said...

awe-inspiring work kerstin!
i agree with mim, the color is effective as is. that's a great tip.

a little bird said...

incredible, you are talented, very talented... what is this Moly exchange thing?

mARTa said...

Don't touch it!!!!!!!! Ît's awesome!!!!! I bought two of the japanese sketchbooks but not ready to touch them yet! Your work is fascinating as always!

studio lolo said...

This is fantastic! I agree with everyone...leave it as it is. It's Edward Gorey-esque...wonderful!

(I landed here via Mim)