Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jerusalem Sketches - The Schatz Garden

March 31, we took a bus to Ofra and spent the day there with the Schatz family. They had invited Benjamin in January 2008 to spend Shabbes with them and he wanted me to meet them too. They are a wonderful family and I enjoyed our stay there. Thanks, Family Schatz for the warm welcome, the garden tour and its wonderful dried fruit and the wonderful lunch, tea and cookies.

Herbs from the Schatz garden in Ofra

Herbal Tea from the Schatz garden in Ofra

Herbs and Tea from Ofra

I forget to mention that in the evening we drove with Lisa and Yecheskel back to Jerusalem to an Asian restaurant. At the Yoja we enjoyed Sushi, Dim Sum, Sake, etc... It has been years since we last went to an Asian restaurant. Boy, I do miss it again.

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Mim said...

Those two pictures are great juxtaposition - I love the way they play off each other.