Thursday, March 27, 2008


I can´t believe than I´m already blogging about our trip, though we haven´t even had a look at the city. 
Benjamin is blogging about the trip daily, so while he´s busy at the moment, I have a few minutes time for checking my emails on his mac.

Here´s a pic of a shuttle taxi from Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I forgot a brush so I had to use a Q-Tip for the color.


Mim said...

did you bring the kids with you? I hope you have a wonderful time and get to see everything the city offers

ksklein said...

nope. the kids are staying at my mom´s place. it´s the first time i´m here and i want to have a look at everything without having to take care for the kids. next time! :)

Kapinskis Schelling 48 said...

seems to be everybody is on a trip these days....
enjoy it as much as possible and never forget to tell your readers about the mystirious things that might happen on trips.
have a great time!!

ksklein said...

i´m enjoying the trip a lot... specially the food. ;) i love walking around and watching people and going over the markets and all the different stuff.
today we drove with the bus to visit friends who live in one of the settlements. i can tell you that i´m not easy to scare, but i´ve never been more scared in my life. my fright wasn´t really justified, as the security level is very high - thankfully. i almost couldn´t get through the entrance of the bus station as i was wearing a belt which alarmed the metal detector, but they didn´t have a woman there to check me. and they check each and every bad and piece of luggage you have along. but it isn´t nice to know that you shouldn´t get off the bus and walk down the wrong side of the road as you may get killed. that just won´t get into my mind and that idea is just too strange for me. except for these political issues it is really a great country.

i haven´t really experienced anything mysterious, but yesterday something funny happened. i´ll post about that when i come back.