Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tokyo In Sight!

Well, the title of this post may be exaggerated, but today I won in the lottery. Usually I play once or twice a year. But then Dorin Popa (a guy from Munich) started a lottery blog. Each week he buys a lottery ticket and if you have saved his address in your blog roll or comment on his blog you join the lottery automatically.

Of course people started fantasizing what they would do with the money. Me too. I was sure if I would win a larger sum, I would go on a holiday trip. The past days I have been thinking, reading and even dreaming a lot of Tokyo. Today night I thought to myself that if I ever wanted to fly to Japan, I would need to buy a lotto ticket. That´s what I did online at 3 am in the morning.
Today I won and if I do so a few more times I can book my flight to Tokyo. :) What a great year!
Actually I do not have any relationship to Japan and I guess I have pretty touristy interests in Tokyo, but the city is just too tempting. I think of Geishas, Sumo Wrestling, Bondage, Sushi, Cosplay, Craziness, Tea, Manga, Maid Cafes, Capsule Hotels, Ghibli, Samurai, Noodles, Electric Craziness, masses of people, weird stuff and lots more.
According to last weeks quotes I´ll just have to win another 35 times. :)


Mim said...

Knowing you = you'd love it there.

Forever Young said...

ha ha i got all excited for you till i saw you'd have to win another 39 times????or was it 35 or 135 or 31???

Kapinskis Schelling 48 said...

actually japan is really really lovely.

littlemithi said...

Hahaha! Congratulations!!!