Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Book, Hot Coffee, Empty Journal


Take an empty Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook, a good book and a hot coffee and all of it will lead to a new idea:
Result (Journal)

For a detailed view click on the images.
Journal page 1Journal page 2


Dorin Popa said...

Im Augenblick steht nur ein Notblog, da ich im weißen Paradies der österreichischen Alpen nur begrenzt digital agieren kann, aber es wäre toll, wenn du den Link zum Deutschen Lotto-Blog aktualisieren könntest. Danke!

ksklein said...

Schon erledigt! Viel spass noch im Paradies und bring ein wenig Weiss mit. :)

Ann said...

Love these sketches!

ksklein said...

Thanks Ann! :)

Occam`s razor said...

how could I say?
perfect as well!

rockronie said...

Hey. I saw that book on Amazon.com before And I wasn't sure if they are any good. Is it all about drawing? If I can't draw, would that be useful to read this book? I'm thinking about buying it.

And yea your sketch is incredible..

ksklein said...

Hey Ronnie, the book actually gives you ideas how to start a drawing journal. It won´t help you with the technique, but it will certainly get you started. Actually I bought this book, because I enjoy all the stuff by Dan Price.